December 6, 2016

About us

The concept is simple – regional Indian food cooked, packed and delivered to your doorstep.

We have taken great care in designing the menu to select only those dishes which, when cooked and packed, retain their aroma, flavour, texture and taste so that you can enjoy a great meal in the comfort of your own home.

Dabba is an Indian household name for a box in which Tiffin (lunch, dinner or snacks) is packed.
Indian Dabba takeaway W6
Dabbawallahs are the Tiffin carriers of Mumbai who provide a delivery service where they collect home-cooked food and deliver it to family members in their respective offices and schools.
Indian Dabba Takeaway Hammersmith
The meals are collected at 11am and by lunchtime every meal has been delivered. The Dabbawallahs have an extremely high level of accuracy and very rarely make a mistake. The meals are delivered by bicycle, hand-pulled carts or the Dabbawallahs’ special train.

These simple people have developed such an impressive system that they were asked to present a lecture on business organization at Harvard University. Both H.R.H. The Prince of Wales and Sir Richard Branson visited them on a trip to Mumbai and were astonished by their organization and teamwork.

At Indian Dabba we try to do the same. We make sure your food is well packed in boxes that will retain optimum flavour, texture and taste. The food is delivered to your doorstep in perfect condition and at the right temperature.

‘The new-wave Indian cooking is surprisingly light yet full of flavour with many of the dishes using ingredients’ – Michelin guide

‘Indian Dabba blend flavours, tastes and textures like genius artists, everything is perfect’ – The Sunday Times

‘Indian Dabba has a deft touch with spices and herbs.’ – Bill Knott, Financial Times

‘When a chef is deft and intelligent, as is Chef Manoj Vasaikar, any festive occasion is grist to the mill.’ – Fay Maschler, Evening Standard

‘Chef Manoj Vasaikar, has cooked in every classy Indian restaurant you could name, from Veeraswamy to Chutney Mary. He’s brilliant.’ – Zoe Williams, The Sunday Telegraph

‘Manoj, who has cooked at Veeraswamy (in the same group as Amaya) sees the way Indian food is going and also demonstrates how India is being discovered gastronomically… but he doesn’t lose sight and flavour of what we all like about going for an Indian.’ – Fay Maschler, Evening Standard

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* All prices are VAT inclusive.
* Prices are subject to change.

All orders are taken by telephone: 02088767766 and 02088782480

We cannot guarantee that any of our foods are free from nuts or nut derivatives or dairy products as we work in an environment which includes these ingredients but we will do our best to isolate them. Please tell your order-taker of your needs. We will do our best to ensure that our food is free from GM (genetically modified ingredients) and MSG.